10 comments on “Offerings

  1. HaikuWater says:

    I can easily imagine an itinerant Zen monk writing this haiku.

  2. Karen says:

    I hope this is offering was for the birds and wasn’t your breakfast!

  3. gemma says:

    Thank you! We are blessed.

  4. 4joy says:

    Are you now being punished with bread and water breakfasts? I hope not….Your haiku paints a still life so well

  5. This is a wonderful haiku. I love the deeper meaning in it. To me it brought joy and did remember me a koan I once read.

  6. Spadoman says:

    Prison? Or Communion? Either way, it is the body and blood.


  7. Grace says:

    You painted a clear and lovely image here ~ Well done ~


  8. Irene says:

    i think of birds landing on a branch delighted to find what someone left for them.

  9. rebecca says:

    immediately i am in the monastery.

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