9 comments on “True Word

  1. Pranita says:

    Wow… i love this! Honey on the tongue!!! Lovely usage…. beautiful… really!
    Dew drops of the dawn!

  2. tigerbrite says:

    Yes, sometimes it’s better not to speak than say a true word that will hurt.

  3. 4joy says:

    ‘honey on the tongue’ – I never would have thot to equate that phrase with the truth, but it works well in your lovely haiku

  4. Lovely words… honey on the tongue…

  5. Grace says:

    I like honey on the tongue, though truth can be salty and bitter too ~ Lovely haiku ~


  6. maharukh says:

    truth… eventually becomes a honey… simply light and simply sweet.. 🙂

  7. Jaideep Rao says:

    Powerful meaning in the end,. lovely!

  8. Green Speck says:

    Its good to be true always 🙂

  9. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    I love this very much, the imagery is “sweet” and message powerful.

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