15 comments on “Forget-Me-Nots

  1. artmusedog says:

    Powerfully contemplative haiku ~~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  2. rebecca says:

    there is a long long story in this thought provoking haiku!

  3. vagabond says:

    As your neighbor hides behind the curtains.
    With the hose.

  4. 4joy says:

    someone who has his priorities straight!

  5. annie says:

    First I coughed to cover my laugh. Then I stopped and thought about it. I don’t think the fire was a visible fire.

  6. A nice haiku. The image you have painted here is very sad, but the twist in the last sentence is so wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with Haiku My Heart.

  7. Ron. says:

    Great stuff, this. Salute!

  8. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    What an enigmatic little piece! I like it!

    My Forget-Me-Nots

  9. Leo says:

    Powerful.. I agree with Rebecca.. something deeper here.

  10. Grace says:

    How creative and intriguing ~

  11. So interesting … there is so much meaning beyond these words. It’s like the forget-me-nots are a symbol of hope. Rebuilding the house and a new beginning .. . great metaphor. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. oh … and the forget-me-not could also represent holding on to good memories … I really enjoyed this, thank you.

  13. gabrielle says:

    This has a very powerful emotional resonance. Every time I read it, another dimension is revealed. Beautiful offering.

  14. Kathy says:

    Real life happens so we can write about it,.achingly or joyfully.

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