17 comments on “Loneliness of Stars

  1. Maharukh says:

    loneliness of stars… lovely haiku… strong words that hit hard my imagination!

  2. Paperheart says:

    I almost forgot, Stars are lonely.
    I loved this haiku.

  3. I know very little about the rules of traditional haiku, but I think one of them is this surprise element, an unexpected angle, when the reader has to stop for a split second in order to catch up with the writer’s thought. Your haiku works that way. I like the image of lonely stars a lot.

  4. Bruce Ruston says:

    Ah witty as well I see great write

  5. Grace says:

    I like the loneliness of the stars ~ Lovely haiku ~

  6. Kathy Donlan says:

    I love this. So much loneliness: the drunk, the stars, the reader. Fantastic

  7. It’s quite strange that stars although in a group are lonely. Nice Haiku.

  8. elleceef says:

    I enjoyed this haiku. Especially “loneliness of stars”

  9. Barbara says:

    Love the little surprise in the last line. Well done.

  10. With all the hype surrounding them stars can still be lonely. Sad but true.

  11. Thoughtful haiku…Nice imagination….

    Lonely girl

  12. Well done! Loneliness is hard to capture in such a small space – and your Haiku presents a whole lonely story in 17 words.

  13. What a loneliness … just to be alone with the stars.

  14. Jolly says:

    Beautiful haiku! With that surprise and impactful ending.

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