19 comments on “Insatiable

  1. Spadoman says:

    I don’t see a photo, yet you have managed to put a beautiful one into my head with your words.


  2. Karen says:

    Sounds like vacation bliss!

  3. WabiSabi says:

    Castles built in the sand – like castles in the clouds – fleeting!

  4. yebuccaneer says:

    Insatiable holidays..

  5. JazzBumpa says:

    man’s work
    in sand or granite
    ocean wins


  6. Beach is bliss !!!
    Enjoy !

  7. kaykuala says:

    Sand castles don’t last but the pleasure of doing them lingers on! Nicely Mark!


  8. judie says:

    I can close my eyes and see what your Haiki is saying. Beautiful. As for the video, rofl!

  9. Is it just me? I sense something ominous going on in this haiku, or maybe something fruitless. Anyway, I’m not sure it reflects a pleasurable vacation, so much as an exercise in futility—you know: building all those sand castles only to have the insatiable waves devour them.

    Castle Fence

  10. Powerful use of the word “insatiable”! It seems to suggest an incurable hunger that drives a kind of threat!

  11. A little bit Sisyfos, only a child would enjoy this.

  12. pritilisa says:

    I feel you mean that the buildings are just sand castles
    to the waves and the winds…easily erased. ♥

  13. Waves of time eat up lives, still Lord is creating new ones, Same is with the sand castles. We built though we know they hold no power in front of waves. Power lies in creation itself.

  14. I love building sand castles until I’m called to dinner!

  15. annieelf2012 says:

    The constant challenge, the race against time, the temporary but oh so fun beauty of it all.

  16. amazing what those sand artists can create….then they yell: oh no, not those insatiable waves again….

  17. Lolly says:

    Newport Beach
    wondering what the poor people
    are doing today

    Newport Beach is a very wealthy part of southern Calif. 😉

  18. Sleepshort says:

    Delightfully deep. A notional post. Very cool.
    Thanks for sharing.

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