17 comments on “Waking

  1. Lolly says:

    I smile, smile, smile at your one liner. Love it!

  2. JazzBumpa says:

    Sometimes I suffer from terse curse.

  3. WabiSabi says:

    Not getting much sleep, are you?

  4. siggiofmaine says:

    I’m confused at waking at midnight to a dawn cough…
    but whatever you say…? your wife’s name Dawn ?
    It’s bedtime in Maine !

    • If there were a comma after “gusts,” would that help? Maybe I should put one there…

      • siggiofmaine says:

        Oh, woke up twice ! I should have figured it out…If I’m the only confused person,
        don’t change it… I’m really dense sometimes. I do like it very much now that I understand…

        Thank you for clearing my thinking up !


  5. That’s a very different take on prompt. I remember my grandpa’s cough at midnight.

  6. Clearly a different take on the prompt. I think its the fadoista making a return 🙂

  7. Write Girl says:

    What a terrific metaphor. Beautifully done.

  8. kz says:

    makes sleep impossible! great haiku 🙂

  9. Good one line haiku Mark. Love to see that you are trying this one-line haiku … our classical haiku poets did wrote their haiku in the same way often.

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