a box kite
plane geometry
off the page


17 comments on “Geometry

  1. JazzBumpa says:

    all is four square
    until it hits the ground
    in a wreck tangle


  2. WabiSabi says:

    Your words resonate with mathematical and literary symmetry. Delightful!

  3. good lord, you are so good! I mean your haiku writing, not necessarily you, personally…

  4. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I was pretty good at plane geometry in high school, but I don’t think I ever saw a plane geometric figure lift off the page!


  5. way fun Mark. a cool ku of kite structure. fun. aloha.

  6. pritilisa says:

    I was graded a C in geometry…and only because the teacher liked me…
    this kite flies over my head:)

  7. Marit says:

    Hm. You always have me put your words into the translator to check if I understood it right. Most times, I did. Then, you have me lingering on your blog to re-read, re-think and ‘taste’ your haiku. I spend a lot of time on your blog on Fridays. Oh, and I like it!

    P.S. I grew up near the sea and was a ‘champion’ in making ánd flying kites… the diamond-shaped ones that is…

  8. gemma says:

    love Jazzbumpa comment. lol

  9. rebecca says:

    i find my self in the priti camp!!!

    you are clever in haiku and probably geometry too!

  10. artmusedog says:

    love ‘off the page’ ~ of your haiku ~ freedom ~ ^_^

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