7 comments on “Tarot

  1. jrbsays says:

    I guess in the end, it’s what ever suits her.
    Tarot Cascade

  2. Cathy Tenzo says:

    And this is why I think the tarot works for everyone. If she believes in the magic of tarot, she can take the advice of the cards (although it is not as clear cut as it seems, perhaps….) If she does not believe in the magic, she will know how she feels about the card–if she resonates with it, she will know it IS her direction, if it feels wrong, she will know to go in another direction. Thus the tarot is magic or science. Besides, the cards are pretty.

  3. WabiSabi says:

    I guess that all depends on how much money she bet on the card!
    Not in the Cards

  4. I think she decides for herself. And one thing is for sure. The death is in everyones deck.

  5. Awesome ‘Tarot’-haiku Mark. The cards don’t decide what to do, but they ‘trigger’ your mind, your Inner Self.

  6. It’s just a card….

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