To feed the pigeons
is his only ambition—
grieving widower.

7 comments on “Ambition

  1. How sad, but he has a goal, an ambition … to feed the pigeons. It gives him meaning in his life.

  2. jazzbumpa says:

    i’ve never felt that grief
    but i’ve been down far enough to know
    the importance of finding an anchor

    you’ve captured that sadness with stark beauty


    • My dad was so sad after my mother died that he didn’t even want to feed pigeons. He hung around for another five years (“I’m just living for you kids”), and then decided he’d had enough. My brother found him dead in his wheelchair early one morning.

  3. Maggie Grace says:

    Sad haiku. Also goes with companion…

  4. Cathy Tenzo says:

    very sad but very beautiful. And I always adore haiku about pigeons!

  5. I love his ambition.. hope it helps him

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