22 comments on “Punch

  1. Ah ha! I dreamed this morning that we were hearing a raging wind outside. Must have been your post coming in. 🙂 Good one.

  2. Look for A Lovely Thing says:

    poor door!

  3. Very well written Mark. I like your humor. Humor can be well used in haiku. Thanks for the laugh.

  4. just takes one
    nicely done Mark

  5. Maggie Grace says:

    Ouch…and a blue door.

  6. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    I’m with Maggie: Blue is my favorite color, and to see a door of that hue get battered is sad beyond telling.

    After the Windstorm

  7. I have been there, struggling to get a door closed and latched against the wind. Thank you for bringing me back!

  8. 4joyjoanne says:

    didn’t you hear the warning – batten down all blue hatches!

  9. I’m smiling and this reminds me of a book by James Hadley Chase – Sucker Punch. It must have been a might battering! 🙂

  10. artmusedog says:

    too funny ~ love your wit ~ carol, xo

  11. Priti Lisa says:

    oooph…sucker punches are the worst,
    even for doors I suppose.
    Even a blue door.

  12. Nonnie says:

    ouch! I hope that’s all that was battered!

  13. Cathy Tenzo says:

    I can see the peeling paint 🙂

  14. judie says:

    Fix the bent hinge! Close that battered door! The rain is pouring in! 🙂

  15. GILLENA COX says:

    that’s some ferocious wind; take care; have a nice Friday

    much love…

  16. Marit says:

    Your words picture it perfectly – I can ‘see it’.

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