13 comments on “Toilet

  1. opie houston says:

    yeah, I have had some of those mornings too….. tsk tsk………opie

  2. arushiahuja says:

    Do you mean like a shaky hand?? Isnt that dangerous??

  3. Bastet says:

    Dna peeking through … a lovely haiku Mark …

  4. Our heritage show itself at the most surprising places.

  5. My son has my dad’s hands – it is a rich thing to have traits of our ancestors to remember

  6. Cathy Tenzo says:

    Lovely. I always think of my grandfather when I use tools as he was a carpenter, and when I read pulp fiction. He loved Zane Grey.

  7. lynndiane says:

    My aunt told me I move my hands like my mother (who is gone before). Like this haiku!

  8. julespaige says:

    Sometimes we have so little left of those we love that we can only image at our reflections.
    I do wonder how many men see their fathers face when they shave – excellent!

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