17 comments on “Dervishes

  1. Gillena Cox says:

    oh yes, i’m easily swept into this haiku, lovely image great animation projected; also fitting for the prompt at ‘Carpe Diem’ today
    have a nice weekend

    much love…

  2. Tami Chacon says:

    whirling, dancing dervishes – a childhood memory – thank you for that.

  3. CynfulCreations says:

    Ahh, the perfect description of this autumnal dance we do each year!

  4. Nonnie USA says:

    apparently, our area is behind in the dances of the wind with the leaves.

  5. I actually saw a dervish recently. Quite stunning your haiku.

  6. artmusedog says:

    love the ‘whirling dervishes’ ~ whirl this weekend and enjoy!

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  7. Awesome scene I can see the dervishes swirling … great response …

  8. J says:

    a great image —

  9. Annie says:

    After reading this, I’m ready for a walk and to look for the wind.

  10. menons129 says:

    Awesome! A nice take on the prompt6

  11. awomansaved says:


  12. Great image..nicely done… 🙂

  13. Bastet says:

    loved wind devils … really cool when they make little whirl-winds!

  14. I’m watching them do that this morning from my bedroom window… beautiful dervishes, so colorful as they lift their prayers:-)

  15. rebecca says:

    i’m back with the golden light and the fallen angels. please come back too!

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