19 comments on “Picnic

  1. I have grand memories of pine trees – many included family picnics. Thanks Mark.

  2. Picnic.. what a great way to enjoy the pine-trees.

  3. wabi sabi says:

    Ah…. and perhaps the two who share this feast are also vintage! Could be very romantic!

  4. J says:

    What a wonderful image …. ahhhh!

  5. Rallentanda says:

    And a fresh crusty baguette:)

  6. becca givens says:

    What a delightful repast!!

  7. reminds me of being in the Smokey Mountains, picnicking with my family, as a child (sans wine, of course – haha!)

  8. Sounds like paradise to me!
    I grew up near mountains lush with pine trees. I remember my father used to love to take us on picnics. Sadly those days, and he, are forever gone from this life.

  9. Rod E. Kok says:

    a beautiful picture popped up in my head as I read this. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  10. Cheryl-Lynn says:

    Oh I love that image and all the scents that go along with it…nicely done!

  11. Cathy Tenzo says:

    Sounds like a nice afternoon

  12. jazzytower says:

    On a cool day I bet, I could feel it.

  13. Awesome scene Mark …. a nice picnic …

  14. Bastet says:

    A lovely image … brings back some nice memories .. thanks Mark!

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