on their tails lizards
carrying the first faint glints
of Sunday morning


10 comments on “Morning

  1. onceuponaurora says:

    What a beautiful vision! I love lizards. I think they’re wonderful creatures. They always look like they’re up to something interesting.

  2. girl friday says:

    a glint as a hint…..
    Love it.

  3. “lizards carrying light” … I like that!

  4. Dolores says:

    Wonderful and innovative response to this challenge!

  5. A great touch there. And very visual.

  6. I guess the first one up gets to carry the light – charming Mark

  7. jhanagan2014 says:

    This lovely poem evokes the life that awakens every morning–warming the day and warming the heart.

  8. Awesome … that’s what haiku means … having eyes for that little thing in nature, the first light on a lizards back

  9. siggiofmaine says:

    I love your response to the prompt… thank you

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