apricot blossoms
buried by winter’s last snow—
a fruitless harvest


6 comments on “Snow

  1. There is a tinge of sadness …love it…

  2. J says:

    Oh my. I live in “orchard country” — used to be one of the largest peach and apple-producing regions in the state. We still have a lot of lot of orchards though and when the last snow / last ice burns the blossoms it’s a sad time, indeed. Not only poetically — but economically. Very sad. So anyway — this one struck a chord with me. Very nice.

  3. The last snow of winter covers the fragile apricot blossoms, the blossoms can’t handle that cold … how sad this idea …

  4. Bastet says:

    Oh this is a tragic haiku! We are a fruit growing region so I’m very familiar of with this particular problem … here it happens when it warms up too early and then snaps back with snow …

  5. That late snow.. a killer for fruit..

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