14 comments on “Immigrants

  1. gillena says:

    sound filled haiku, nice Mark

    much love…

  2. rebecca says:

    my prayers are with them
    one and all.

  3. That’s rather sad, despite the chirp.

  4. Lea says:

    This image… fills my heart and I want to tuck them all into my nest…

  5. Susan Fox says:

    Makes you think…there’s room for us all…x

  6. artmusedog says:

    Lyrical haiku ~ delightful chitter chatter ~

    Wishing you Happy Weekend ~ ^_^

  7. gemma says:

    May they all find safe and happy homes.

  8. judie says:

    wonderful way to express haiku words.

  9. Annie says:

    The use of the word “wayward” gives an elusive yet very present double meaning to this verse. I’m pondering.

  10. mislucja says:

    I agree … “wayward” gives the haiku a double layer.

  11. Marit says:

    A very special haiku Mark… you point out a social problem (especially in Europe, with all the refugees coming in) in just a few words and yet make it sound happy too. I wish for everyone to find a home where they can be safe and at ease.

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