3 comments on “Blues

  1. Lea says:

    and so am I…

  2. judie says:

    Oh no! Not the wren too!

  3. rebecca says:

    interesting to see the circle at haiku my heart thinning out over my message of love, acceptance and inclusion. the saddest part is when people who believed in trump find out that he will not deliver whatever they placed their hope in. he is not a compassion soul and comes from an entire life of making self serving choices at the loss of decent folks who have trusted him in their dealings. i am completely heart broken that such a deplorable person could be seen as a public leader. not one living past president cast a vote for this despicable person. please feel free to delete my comment if you prefer-but i have to say speaking out has been helpful in turning around my utter devastation. i have always been an advocate of acceptance and inclusion. perhaps i should have defined it more. i won’t make that mistake again.

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