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  1. Lea says:

    If I had some mist… I would loose my way in it. Wrap myself in it. Sprinkle it all around. Disperse it far and wide… then the sun would shine through, the earth would green, and the starling would find its way again…

  2. gillena says:

    Oh the poor dear, a starling adventure until the mist clears
    Have a good weekend Mark


  3. JC says:

    The starling will find its way, no doubt. Birds just sort of “know”. I like this haiku a lot. But you know…anything to do with birds….

  4. Cara Hartley says:

    A precarious situation. Hopefully, it rights its course!
    ~Ornery Owl~

  5. rebecca says:

    i wish i did not relate to this so deeply.

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