9 comments on “Evenings

  1. ha – the waiting game

  2. 4joyjoanne says:

    Beckett is so deep….the play in 17 syllables

  3. Look for A Lovely Thing says:

    Don’t be absurd

  4. jazzbumpa says:

    a perfect distillation


  5. Godot? Never heard of it, but as I read the comments I understand it’s a play .by Beckett, also never heard of 🙂 Nice take on Matsuyoi.

  6. Maggie Grace says:

    lol…Kristjaan, I never read it either. Love the tone of the haiku…exasperation.

  7. Cathy Tenzo says:

    Oh yes, charming. I love the reference to Godot!

  8. I saw it once… but I think I was too young to appreciate it.. a classic play.

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